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Diving Services


Diving Beyond provides quality service at competitive prices. Doug Storms has been in a commercial diver in Richardson Bay since 1987.


Underwater hull cleaning

  Zinc replacement

Mooring inspection




  Abalone Diving

Underwater hull maintenance



I lost something in the water! What do I do?


Mark the spot - exactly where it fell in. Remember what you were doing when it happened. Were you swinging your arm when the ring fell off? Did you see it or hear it go in? Did it splish or did it splash? Was anyone else there? What is their story? There is sometimes a lot of stuff on the bay floor, making it difficult to see very small objects, such as jewelry, so remembering all these things can help get your object back.

Help, I lost my anchor! Any suggestions?


We found it! We salvage anchors from the SF bay. Many of our used anchors are in excellent condition. We have refurbished a collection of anchors "LIKE NEW". Look at our Ground Tackle Page for information about anchors and check out our inventory of new, used, and refurbished anchors for sale on our store!

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