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Used Ancors & Ground Tackle

Anchorman..."He Saves Anchors!"

Doug has mastered the cold, deep, and intrepid waters of San Francisco Bay to bring you the finest selection of used ground tackle this side of the Mississippi. As you can expect, the condition of the anchors depends on the time of submersion and how the anchor was lost.

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Many of our salvaged anchors are in excellent condition. We refurbsih select anchors with hot dip galvanization for a "Like New" finish, allowing us to offer our anchors at up to 50% off (new) retail. We also have a variety o ground tackle, including used chain, hardware, etc. Contact us for current selection.

Anchor Types
Steel Fluke Anchors High Strength Steel Fluke Anchors Aluminum Fluke Anchors Hinged Plow Anchors Bruce Type anchors Non-Hinged Plow Anchors







Sand, sand/mud Sand, sand/mud Sand, sand/mud Sand, weeds, rocks Sand, rocks Sand, weeds, rocks, mud
Material: Material: Material: Material: Material: Material:
Galvanized steel High strength 4130 galvanized steel flukes High strength aluminum magnesium alloy Galvanized forged or cast steel Heat-treated high-tensile, galvanized steel Galvanized manganese steel or aluminum
Anchors: Anchors: Anchors: Anchors: Anchors: Anchors:
SeaFit, Economy, West Marine Traditional Danforth high-tension, Danforth Deepset 2, West Marine performance Guardian, Fortress Sascot Plow, CQR Bruce anchor , Lewmar Claw Delta Fast-Set, Spade
............ ............ ............ ............ ............ ............
+ Lightweight flukes, good holding power, economical price. + Extremely strong, extra high holding power. + Disassemble for storage, extra high holding power. + Extremely strong, hinged design, easy to stow on bow roller. + Sets quickly, resets after veering. + Narrow shank profile for deep penetration, drops easily from bow roller.
- Less effective on rocky, grassy or clay bottoms. - Less effective on rocky, grassy or clay bottoms. - Less effective on rocky, grassy or clay bottoms. - Limited holding power in mud. - Limited holding power in mud. More expensive.
About Our Used & Refurbished Anchors
We have a selection of anchors in all conditions.
See below images for examples:
Excellent Condition
Anchors are sanded, dipped in acid bath to remove all rust, then hot dipped galvanized for "LIKE NEW" finish

Insignificant or no surface rust, pitting or damage

Excellent anchors require no refurbishing, but we can have it done for you if you like for an extra charge

Good Condition
Fair Condition

Anchors in good condition may have minor surface rust or electrolysis, otherwise NO significant pitting or bending.

When REFURBISHED, these anchors are in excellent condition, or "LIKE NEW"

Anchors in fair condition may have some surface rust, and/or some bending.

Poor Condition
Anchors in poor condition show significant rust, and/or some bending.
> Before refurbishing
> After refurbishing
Many anchors can be refurbished. This is a fair-to-good condition anchor before refurbishing....

...This is the same anchor after hot dip galvanizing. It is now ("like new").


Most of our anchors are refurbished before they are listed for sale. If we find an anchor in our invenotory that has not been refurbished, we can have it hot dip galvanized for an extra fee.

Contact us for more information (415)331-7925

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